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Top 7 Ways To Earn Online

Anyone hear the term “online earning” only imagine a computer giving you dollars easily within no time. In fact, it isn’t that kind and this is different how people imagine earning online. Basically, the term “online earning” means you are working online and the person/platform pays you for the work you do. Now, the work has a thousand different types, but I will only cover up the most popular and easy ways for you in this article. As well as, this article (Top 7 Ways To Earn Online) will give you a complete idea how you can earn online with your specific skill and expertise.

You also need to know that there is also some other methods via many people get scammed. Mostly, these methods are some kind of “Get rich scheme”, “Double your investment”, “Apply and earn $$ amount” and much more. To know scam method, it’s specifically like you should not work and invest so you can earn easily. Where ever you see such sort of scheme, you better be aware it’s a pure scam. Keep in mind, you will be able to work online when you work and deliver some legit stuff.

The Top 7 Ways To Earn Online List:

1. Freelancing

Freelancing is the most popular way to earn online and the easiest way too. If you aren’t familiar with the term freelancing so it means, a person gives you specific work and then you deliver the work within given time. You get paid, this is called freelancing. Now, you might think that it is traditional way, let me remind you the whole process is taking place online via some specific platforms. Let me list down some popular platforms:

  1. Fiverr
  2. Upwork 
  3. PeoplePerHour
  4. Guru
  5. Envato Studio
  6. 99Designs


2. Blogging

Maybe you are familiar with the term blogging as these days lot of people tend to become bloggers. Blogging is simple to define. You create a website, update it regularly with articles or information and earn money via any advertising network i.e. Google AdSense. Advertiser network gives you a platform where you can create ads and place it on your website. After that, your users come and clicks on your posted ads. You get paid a specific amount of money due to those ads impressions or clicks. There are also other platforms available but Google AdSense is the most popular and high-paying network.


3. YouTube

Now, you know that YouTube is the largest video-sharing platform on the web. You never thought how these popular YouTubers make money as they create content for free. YouTube actually pays content creators based on impressions and advertisement clicks and it is also connected with the Google AdSense platform. YouTube adds small advertisements in each video within a specific time frame, then the more views the more money you get. You can earn money on YouTube until you create your own content and do not upload someone else videos, as YouTube take care of the copyrights strictly.


4. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing simply means selling a product and taking out a small amount of commission. You might guess that it’s already happening in the real world since decades, but let me tell you in the online world it’s now on the next level. You probably need to start affiliate program sign up with any of the hi-fi or average e-commerce website whether it is selling physical real world products or digital products. You will have to resell the products through your marketing magic or any way you want but the aim is to resell and get the commission outta it. Some of the major e-commerce websites that enable users to work on affiliate are i.e. Amazon, eBay, ClickBank etc.


5. Instructing/Teaching

The traditional teaching will be seen at schools, colleges or universities. You won’t guess that people actually teach online and earn 10x times more than the traditional ways of teaching. Yeah, we all know that everyone has skills according to their base of interest. Let’s say if someone is a sketch artist so he/she can easily make a course of their sketching skills then publish the course on one of these platforms i.e. Udemy, Skillshare, Lynda and more! The easiest one is Udemy and if you want your course to sell like hot cakes, you need to increase up the quality of course such as voice quality, video quality, and some effects to make it appealing. ( consider this as a tip from Udemy instructor ).


6. Selling Digital Products

These days the internet is filled up with products that aren’t physical but created as a source of utilization for a specific group of people whether that is a mobile application or a desktop enterprise software. All of them are in need of people. There are marketplaces on the internet that sells digital products i.e. themes, scripts, applications, designs, video animations, audio files and much more else. If you got some great skills at programming, development, designing or any kind of other skill you are welcomed everywhere on the internet to go and show your cool pieces of creations then sell it. Marketplaces like Envato (ThemeForest, codecanyon etc), CreativeMarket, Codegrape, Videoblocks and more! All of these marketplaces contains digital products which are made by people just like you.


7. E-Commerce Business

Let’s say you are having a traditional shop or selling various products in your homeland and it’s all offline. Now, there are several ways for you to move your business online and make it available to a wider audience. You can easily create an e-commerce website for your products/store, setup a payment gateway and enjoy the sales. As well as, you have the chance to boost the sales via sites i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. It’s just moving the traditional business online.


Final Words:

I hope by now you are aware how to make your way in the world of internet. Anything you start online isn’t like getting overnight success because everything takes time and patience is needed. If you start freelancing, you will need to make your appearance and start getting clients/orders. So be patient for your hardwork and never give up.

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